Volt Solar Energy Brings the Energy Revolution in Florida: Learn About Their Efficiency and Honesty at Your Service

Volt Solar Energy has made its mark in the world of solar energy by establishing itself as South Florida’s #1 solar company, with a distinctive focus on honesty, speed, and efficiency in service, making a difference in the competitive renewable energy market in South Florida.

The company’s story begins in 2015 when Borja Penalver, Alex Bril and Pedro Vallega launched it in South America. From its inception, the company stood out for its commitment to the environment and its obsession with providing exceptional service to its customers. 

Realizing that solar companies in the United States were not meeting the standards the founders felt were necessary, they made the bold decision to expand to Miami, Florida in 2019. This move marked the beginning of their journey as a growing company.

The business offers a quality of service and level of engineering that exceeds the standards of companies nationwide. In a short time, the company has earned an exceptional reputation in the United States, with a 4.9-star Google rating that supports its commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Most recently, Sergio Bruna joined the team bringing 13 years of experience and the mission to expand the vision of the organization. Collectively, the officers of Volt Solar Energy (Alex, Pedro, Borja and Sergio) recognize and hold the firm conviction that the unwavering commitment to honesty and the delivery of high-quality products and services stands as the singularly sustainable approach for the continued advancement of solar technology.

“Volt Solar Energy positions itself as South Florida’s most efficient and reliable solar company. This statement is not just a statement; it is a commitment we have maintained from the beginning as we support the renewable energy revolution and provide an honest and solid option to homeowners seeking energy independence and protection from utility company abuse and monopoly.” states Sergio.

They recognize that having a clear vision, a valuable solution, and unique input are essential. Overcoming these challenges requires not stopping at obstacles and persevering in the pursuit of excellence.

The mindset for staff represents a fundamental pillar of business success, and Volt Solar Energy understands this perfectly. Resilience and relentlessness are the qualities that dictate the level of success in this ever-evolving industry.

“For those who are trying to start their own business or brand, my advice would be to have a clear vision, believe strongly in that vision, invest all available energy and resources, and never give up until success is achieved.” Sergio advises, and adds, “Success for me is defined by personal satisfaction, the freedom to pursue what we love and make a living by providing value to others.”

The founders decided to design the business model after they realized the overall perception of renewable energy in the market and the organization and quality of work in the industry could be improved.

In addition, they recognized that salespeople and sales organizations were being mistreated due to the lack of efficiency in solar installation companies. Therefore, they embarked on a mission to refine the process and create an efficient and reliable environment for internal salespeople and affiliates.

Going forward, the company plans to expand to North Florida and Texas in 2024, in addition to developing a strong in-house team called Volt Direct. They are also investing in sales training and coaching at their new headquarters in Doral.

The difference between Volt Solar Energy and their competition lies in their focus on efficiency, honesty, speed and reliability. They always leave things in a better state than they found them and prioritize customer satisfaction.

“Solar energy is not the future, it is the present. We are committed to being the best choice for both homeowners and sellers looking for a career in the fastest-growing industry on the planet” shares Alex Bril, CEO of the organization.

Volt Solar Energy’s programs allow homeowners to purchase their products at no upfront cost, providing immediate savings, protection against rising electric costs, and a positive contribution to the environment.

If you’re in search of a reliable and efficient solar energy solution, don’t hesitate to contact them to find out how they can help you transform your home. Click here to learn more.