Tim Dodd Had A Well Recognized Talent For Sites Like LinkedIn. He Used That Talent To Create PEMA, A Different Kind Of Lead Generation Company

PEMA, created by Tim Dodd, is a different kind of lead generation industry. Within an industry that has become one big shouting match, Tim stands out by offering true client help by listening and creating meaningful relationships with clients.

“What makes PEMA different is that we are focused on helping you get clients. Are appointments important? Of course. And, if you need 1,000+ a month, we got you. But our big focus is on helping you get clients.

PEMA has developed the “7 Touch” system that warms up your leads, putting them into a “Ready-To-Buy” state before the sales call. So not only are you going to get your calendar packed out with great appointments, but we are going to warm ALL of your leads up for you so they are watering-at-the-mouth before you even talk to them,” 
Tim explains.

Tim Dodd began his company a few years ago after creating a reputation for himself as the LinkedIn Guy. After selling his car detailing business, he began an SEO company which sparked his need to get high-ticket clients.

“Getting high-level SEO clients led me into LinkedIn and Email lead generation. I eventually became the “LinkedIn guy” to everyone that knew me. And, in 2017, my company trained over 13,000 people how to use LinkedIn to get clients.

Our clients were asking us to do their lead generation for them, so in 2018, PEMA was launched by demand. And, within 18 months, PEMA had landeded over 240 monthly clients. 

My ex business partner took over the SEO company and I set out to run PEMA full time back in 2018 and haven’t looked back,” Tim recounts.

Because of how successful Tim has been, his business scaled up incredibly quickly. This was a big change for him and he had to adjust and be ready much quicker than he expected. With this obstacle came the difficulty of creating a good and reliable team to make sure that the business could take off at this scale and handle the stress.

“By far the biggest obstacle I’ve ever had to overcome was when I went from zero clients to like 80 clients in a year. We had a great product, fantastic results, but I messed up bad by hiring an entire team of college grads. I figured they would be young, hungry, and teachable.

I was wrong with that one big time.

On top of that, I had like 10 employees and we were only doing a million a year. It wasn’t till after the fact that I realized 4-5 solid employees is more than enough for every $1M/year you’re doing. I had no idea about building and scaling a team. 2020 was all about building a solid culture and recruiting A-Player employees. Game changer” 
Tim remarks.

He was able to overcome this and has made an incredibly strong business. Now, he has some big plans to keep that business alive and thriving. For 2021, Tim plans on being in a constant recruiting mode as well as working out several partnerships with software companies to make the 7Touch warmup system even stronger.

“Big projects this next year are primarily focused on going DEEP with our culture and core strengths. What does that mean? Well, we have a solid a-player team, a very strong differentiator in our industry with our 7Touch system. But trust me, people will try and clone this. You don’t own success. You have to keep building it.

So, 2021 is all reinforcing our hold as the best B2B appointment setting and lead warming agency in the industry, but we’re also working with several software companies with the goal of truly creating an untouchable system for getting your sales appointments INSANELY WARMED up before sales Call,” 
Tim comments.

To find out more about Tim, you can follow him on instagram here and get more information about PEMA’s offering here. To find his LinkedIn, click here.