Rock Bottom Led Harriette Jackson To Find Herself Spiritually. Her Goal Is To Guide People Through The Same Process.

Harriette Jackson was at the top of her career. Beginning her entrepreneurial career at the young age of 19, she had climbed the ladder of success incredibly fast and was easily making six figures in the music industry. That all changed when disaster struck and her employees pulled the rug out from under her.

“I started my first business at the age of 19 and quickly climbed my way to high 6 figure success within the music industry. Heartbreakingly, at the height of my accomplishments, I lost everything when my employees planned, plotted and succeeded in stealing my entire client list and setting up a competing business on their own. It was a pivotal moment that left me financially, emotionally and spiritually broke,” Harriette recounts.

Thankfully, this moment was not the end for Harriette. Instead of letting it crush her and stop her from making her dreams come true, getting in touch with spirituality helped her bounce back and quickly reinvent herself.

“From the brink of bankruptcy, a spiritual awakening occurred. Through enormous realisations and initiations, I was able to heal my wounds, release myself from the conditioning of the patriarchy and surrender fully to my Soul’s mission; to bring the true meaning of abundance back to planet earth. This inspirational journey provided key and teachable lessons which took me from almost a quarter of a million pounds of debt to millionaire status in just 3 years,” Harriette explains.

Now, Harriette runs a spiritual and wellbeing business which provides classes and 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and much more to help people through their spiritual journey. Her topline class is called the Money Conscious Method: Create & Receive Abundance For Life By Changing The Way You Think About, Feel About & Attract Money.

“Ask Harriette is a spiritual life and business coaching company, on a mission to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth. For me, the true meaning of abundance is the balance of both material wealth and spiritual wealth, and the acquisition of both for everyone. Abundance means unity, oneness, and equality for ALL.

The coaching company provides a whole host of self-study courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and masterminds. We also offer a series of free programmes, and free online events throughout the year,” Harriette states.

Coaching has been the biggest influence and driver for Harriette to begin helping people spiritually. From her past experiences in the business world, she knows how hard it can be to be down and out on your luck, so she wants to make sure she can provide the support she never had to others, but she has taken it to the next level by making her mission part of an effort to educate children.

“The coaching company in particular is close to my heart and is my biggest driver because I know first hand what it’s like to be at rock bottom, and feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I initially started the company to help people who were just like me, struggling to get ahead after suffering massive trauma. More recently the company has evolved into a huge philanthropic mission to change our global education systems. I believe if we’re going to see real change in the world, we have to start with our children,” Harriette says.

Harriette is continuing to make a difference in people’s lives by coaching them through their hard spots while starting her own family at home. She is continuing to look for empowered female entrepreneurs to make her goals a reality. To find out more about Harriette, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.