Reece Mennie, Successful Entrepreneur & Businessman Takes His Skills & Reach into the US Market

Entrepreneur and businessman Reece Mennie initiates plans to grow his business to the US. Reece has a wide experience introducing and raising capital for the development of lucrative properties in the UK and other parts of the world; is also an expert in sourcing, developing.

Reece has had a long experience in key property development partners for HJ Collection. He has raised around 80 million pounds for property developments over the past 6 years, fulfilling all returns to his network of High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors. 

He also created the Top 25 podcast series Mennie Talks, where he interviews recognized business leaders. Here, he provides insight in their journeys and success and offers guidance on how its listeners can shape their own path through business.

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Apart from his success, Reece is recognized for the way he works in business. He cares and is conscious of the communities he works in and makes sure that they also benefit from his projects as much as the investors.

Now, Reece wants to expand his reach, which is why he is not only moving to the US, but plans to become a big presence in the country. This will definitely present many challenges, due to how unpredictable things have gone in such a market, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermaths.

But as an experienced businessman, he is more than used to challenges to achieve his goals. In this, he comments he was able to learn from his father while growing up. To Reece, it’s how you respond to those challenges and prevent them from occurring the next time.

His father taught him to see the obstacles as opportunities to prove yourself and learn from them. To him, 2020 is a perfect example of this, when people had to adapt to an unprecedented year, from the way of working and the way of living. For Reece, everything ahead are opportunities that can be taken advantage of. 

Regarding his plans in the US, he tells us that his goals are to “keep pushing on with our developments and bringing high specification, affordable living to the areas we develop in. We currently have a few developments highlighted to move onto in the pipeline for the first quarter of next year which is a very exciting prospect for us and will look to continue growing and taking advantage of a lot of opportunities upcoming. I’m sure it will be an exciting year for all businesses to bounce back and get back to their best.”