Obed Dominguez is a Powerhouse Entrepreneur in the Solar Business, but It Didn’t Start Out That Way. Find Out His Story Below.

Obed Dominguez is an entrepreneur whose story begins with him having to overcome many hurdles day after day in order to achieve success. Obed’s parents immigrated to the United States when he was very young. With that immigration brought the dreams of doing something bigger and creating a path for himself in the United States.

At the start of this journey, Obed was working on top of going to school just to make ends meet. He dreamed of something bigger, however, and took a shot in the dark and applied for two sales jobs. Both rejected him. He was not deterred however! Obed took another shot and this time, it set him on an incredible path.

I felt that the only door open for me to make money was closed since I got rejected at both places. I came across an advertisement of a solar company hiring sales reps. I called and they interviewed me and hired me. Literally I know this was the beginning of something great. I eventually became one of the top salesmen in that market and went to California for an opportunity with a different solar company. Tall buildings inspire me, so I drove to California in a heartbeat,” Obed recounts.

From there, Obed took every opportunity he could get his hands on to level up and become a better salesperson, understand more, and learn new techniques. From there, he and a former partner split off to begin their very own business as Obed had dreamed of!

I founded a solar sales company called SUNFORCE SOLAR. We focus on helping clients transition from their current electric company to a more affordable sustainable source of electricity. We’re the solution to every electric bill in this country,” Obed details.

Even then though, Obed’s obstacles weren’t over! As a young entrepreneur, many people were skeptical of his abilities and some even refused to work with him. However, Obed was used to tackling challenges and even skeptics. He was able to win people over by showing them his ability to achieve success as well as his uniqueness in the market.

“The biggest obstacle I have overcome in my career is being able to keep my confidence despite my age. The reason why I say this is because when I started my first solar sales company back in 2019 some installers wouldn’t want to do business with me because they thought I was too young and did not have an experience in running a business and therefore they did not want to run the risk of partnering with a solar sales company that is ran by young people. 

Even though it was an obstacle at first I turned that obstacle into fuel to grow a successful sales team, which I did,” Obed states.

For all of those looking to follow in his footsteps, Obed has a piece of advice for them:

“My advice to those wanting to start a business is for them to ask themselves why they want to start a certain type of business. The reason why people need to ask themselves that is because they need to have a strong purpose. If people do things solely based on money, they will never be happy nor successful.”

Obed is excited to continue on his work and is also looking forward to the creation of his first NFT. To find out more about Obed, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.