Marvel axes actor Jonathan Majors after jury finds him guilty of assault and harassment of ex-girlfriend

Marvel Studios has dropped actor Jonathan Majors after he was found guilty of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend.

Majors, 34, was convicted on two counts but acquitted of a different assault charge and of aggravated harassment.

A star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Majors featured in the series Loki, and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quintumnia.

He was set to lead the next Avengers film, but has seen his career scuppered following the verdict.

A spokesperson for the Disney-owned film studio said the actor would no longer appear in future projects.

The charges against the actor stemmed from a dispute between him and his British ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, that began in the backseat of a car in New York City.

Jabbari, a 30-year-old dancer, accused Majors of an attack inside the vehicle that left her in “excruciating” pain.

She said he struck her in the head, twisted her arm behind her back and squeezed her middle finger until it fractured.

Majors’s lawyers said she was the aggressor, alleging that she flew into a rage after reading a text message on his phone sent by another woman.

They said Jabbari had spread a “fantasy” to take down the actor, who was only trying to regain his phone and get away safely.

They added Jabbari went out dancing with strangers after the alleged abusive encounter.

But Jabbari said she was seeking comfort from those who came to her aid on a street corner following the assault.