Greg Scheinman is an Advocate and Mentor to Middle Aged Males. Find Out More Below.

In a time of so much uncertainty, many people have found allies that have helped them through hard times. However, often the people that are left out include the middle aged man. It is incredibly difficult to find a friend that can help and support them in the worst of their times.  Greg Scheinman is here to change that.

Greg is more than meets the eye. He is a performance coach, a top podcaster with a podcast directly made for middle aged men, and he is even an investor and brand ambassador. Greg’s goal is to help men maximize what he believes can be some of the best years of their lives.

“I’m an entrepreneur, former big business exec, podcaster, writer, fitness enthusiast, husband, dad and now performance coach. I’m curious and love to learn and try new things. Over the past few years I felt a calling to use my experiences to inform, inspire and entertain others that might be experiencing some of the same stuff I’ve experienced, and how those experiences are helping me to maximize middle age today,” Greg explains.

Greg saw how difficult life could be for middle aged men when he lost his dad at a young age. His dad, unfortunately, did not have an ally for him to help him through his darkest time. Since that day, Greg has been striving to change how people interact with middle aged men.

“I’ve seen too many unhappy, unfulfilled, unhealthy men, including my father, squander their lives, time, careers, relationships, health and wealth by being complacent, conforming, accepting, keeping up with the Joneses and tricking themselves into thinking it’s ok,” Greg says.

Greg’s strategy focuses on something he calls the 6Fs. These F’s are crucial to Greg’s coaching philosophy and what he believes can make all the difference. Those who don’t follow his steps often end up suffering the consequences of their age and the time that they don’t spend working on themselves.

My perspective on work and life for the Midlife Male is simple. We all are navigating 6F’s—Family, Fitness, Finance, Food, Fashion, and Fun—and my job as your coach is to help you design the life you want by turning your F’s to A’s. Start by surrounding yourself with people you love and trust and ideas you care about. Resolve to bring passion, authenticity, humility, and transparency to everything you do. Your report card will never be the same,” Greg states.

Greg himself is always working on turning his own person F’s to A’s as he uses his own method even for himself to create a better life!

“Family, Fitness, Finance, Food, Fashion & Fun are my 6F’s.  Success is having them all in alignment.   A happy and healthy family.  The health and fitness to do what we want.  The finances and resources to share the experiences we want with those we want.  To be able to eat the best foods and be nutritionally satiated.  To cultivate a personal style that instills confidence and security,” Greg details.

Greg has many incredible projects coming up. He details them below:

Professionally, my biggest priority is growing my Performance Coaching business. I’ll be releasing my first book in June and launching my speaking business. In addition, I also want to grow my podcast and newsletter and working with brands that want to reach the midlife male demographic are all part of growing into the premier digital media platform for midlife males and the brands that want to reach them.”

To keep up with all that Greg is doing, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.