From Cuba to The United States, Rosaine Quintana Is Now Living the American Dream With Her Successful Business, Brickellashes.

Rosaine Quintana is a woman who believes in aesthetics. She was born in Cuba and moved to the United States at the age of 13. Her hard work and her passion for everything she does led her to achieve the American dream, which she is living today.

The beauty industry has existed for a long time. It has always been a strong field for investors and entrepreneurs, such as Rosaine. Great things have come from it. And technology has expanded the horizon of the industry. It’s not hard to see that, nowadays, beauty is a pillar piece of the routine for most people. 

Rosaine understood this a long time ago and this knowledge coupled with her desire to help others led her to found Brickellashes, the successful and profitable lash studio in Miami she runs today.

She first took a course on lash extensions which she describes as a total disaster. Instead of being frustrated, she felt motivated to learn and revolutionize the industry. Rosaine continued her education on the field and invested lots of time and money. Then she transformed a small space in her house and created the conditions to begin her business.

It kept growing into what it is today, Brickellashes. Rosaine created an idea that has become the most popular lash studio in Miami. She expanded her vision and now Brickellashes is also a learning space where people can train their skills.

Rosaine transformed her early passion for psychology into understanding people’s needs, especially women’s. Her business also offers the opportunity of becoming a lash or beauty expert. This is an important part of Rosaine’s vision since one of her main motivations is to help people, especially women, achieve their dreams and have their own business, just like she did.

Brickellashes slogan is “where beauty finds elegance”, and that is why it is one of the most popular studios in the Miami area. Their clients love the quality of their services and the attention to detail they offer. All their team members are extensively trained and ready to meet the needs of all their customers.

“What makes us different is the passion we put into everything we do. We have a commitment to provide the highest quality in the industry. That is why we offer the highest quality services, products and training”, Rosaine shares.

Plus, all their treatments and products are medically approved. The business stands out from other similars due to Rosaine’s love for everything she does and her extensive knowledge of the industry.

Brickellashes provides industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology. Their treatments are also completely personalized to fit the unique needs and expectations of every single client. They offer services such as lash extensions, semi permanent make up and fibroblast, one of their most popular cosmetic procedures.

Rosaine knows that building a profitable and successful business is not an easy job, even more so as an immigrant in the United States. Her story is a story of success, and it has all been thanks to her persistence and her hard work.

“Nothing is impossible, so insist, persist and never give up”, she advises all the entrepreneurs who are looking to create a business.

Her next steps include launching a worldwide online training and being able to reach and motivate more people with her business. If you’re ready to embark on a beautiful journey with Rosaine, book your next appointment here.