Christian Cosme is the Founder of Cyborg Future: A 3D Printing Lab That Sells Fiberlogy Filament 3D Printing Raw Materials.

Christian Cosme is an above-elbow amputee and founder and CEO of Cyborg Future LLC, offering 3D printing services and sells Fiberlogy Filament 3D printing raw materials. Cosme is also the author of the book The Professional Procrastinator: 5 easy steps to a well-balanced life

Christian began his journey in the business world as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies. With the money raised from validation consulting he has invested part of his capital in other businesses such as Cyborg’s 3D Lab, Music, and Self Publishing his Books. 

“Being an above elbow amputee has forced me to adapt a new outlook on life. Reprogramming my brain to find solutions and overcoming obstacles with a single hand. I use a bionic arm to aid me with everyday normal tasks. I founded Cyborg Future LLC in 2018. I graduated from Point University with honors; Summa Cum Laude Class of 2020. Currently I am pursuing a mechatronic engineering degree. Continuing my education to gain knowledge that I can apply in the future to improve and design bionic arms.” Christian shares.

Besides this, Christian is also working on a book for children and another more serious book through which he wants to spread awareness of bionic limbs for upper extremities.

Christian sells Fiberlogy Filament and offers his 3D printing services through Cyborg Future. But he has also spent some time working in the music industry, which is another area of work he is passionate about.

“I have the copyright of a single mastered and produced by Emery, called The Road We Find Ourselves Upon. The song is my testimony and cry out to Jesus Christ to spare my life” Christian explains.

His faith played a major role in his life. He has faced adversity and his love for Christ lights his path moving forward, His faith has guided him and has pointed him on the path to graduation college.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has saved me and continues to point me on my walk. Jesus Christ has moved mountains for me and is the source of all my strength and power” Christian says.

In pharmaceutical validation consulting, one of the biggest obstacles he has faced has been managing relationships and working with people from all over the world who come from different backgrounds, life experiences and speak multiple languages.

“As a Validation Consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry I have had the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures. Spending time working in India was very challenging and a life changing experience. Traveling through India alone was one of the most terrifying eye opening things I have done. They say all the best things in life are on the other side of fear.” Christian adds.

One of Christian’s next steps is the publication of a book in which he shares his experiences as an above elbow amputee, his prosthetic journey and how he wants to improve the technology. 

“I want to advocate, spread awareness, and insight. By sharing my experiences of my amputee journey. Highlighting the troubles I have faced and how I aprproach and overcome them” He says.

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