A. Donahue Baker Is Helping Communities With Few Financial Options Create A Path For Generational And Personal Wealth Through His All Inclusive Business, Money Avenue

Today, many things have moved over to a digital version to make them more accessible to a wider audience. The power of the internet, phone, and apps makes everything available to the users’ disposal. This is what A. Donahue Baker has done as well with his online banking and wealth building services.

“We are a digital bank. We offer banking that is faster, cheaper, and better than traditional banks.  For example you can get a quick personal loan up to $10k that can be made in as little as 3 hours.  And we don’t nickel and dime you with fees. Money Avenue will be offering digital banking services that include high interest savings and checking accounts, residential and business lending, and insurance products with the aim of creating more entrepreneurs and helping everyday people to build long term wealth,” A. Donahue explains.

Offering more than just traditional banking, Money Avenue is about building generational wealth and teaching people how to invest who normally would not get the tips and tricks that are widely available to those who have money.

“We are currently the 9th fastest growing fintech in the country. Money Ave is one of the first banks to offer wealth-building services in a way that helps to create more entrepreneurs and real estate developers. We don’t just offer banking services of a savings and checking account or lending services for residential and commercial loans.  We give you access to capital when others don’t. We get each LLC you have at least $50k in credit.  We joint venture and invest in businesses and real estate deals when other banks won’t. We provide a path,” A. Donahue states.

A.Donahue wanted to make a difference in numerous communities that are currently being hit hard by the pandemic. In many of these places, banks are closing branches, which makes accessing money difficult in already troubling times. He wanted to give back and ensure that people had a chance to do what they needed to do to build wealth.

“There are many underserved communities that need banking services. As COVID set in, many brick and mortar banks began closing branches. The national banks are closing branches that are needed in key communities. We want to offer people an alternative solution to their banking needs. Being a CPA for over a decade and realizing that having access to capital is one of the key tools to creating generational wealth I felt the need to help make a difference for my community,” A. Donahue says.

Though A. Donahue has had some stiff competition in getting his business up and running, he has been able to surpass others in the same business. This is because, as A. Donahue explains, his business is the only one that is able to offer all kinds of financial services in one single virtual location.

“No one is offering the full range of services we offer all in one spot.  High Interest savings and checking, fast personal and business loans, residential and commercial real estate lending, Insurance products, and business credit and consulting services,” A. Donahue states.

In the coming months, A. Donahue has a lot planned to keep his business going even during these uncertain times. They plan on creating more partnerships and expanding their reach in order to help more and more people.

“Our biggest projects are offering banking services that create more businesses and real estate development in our communities. Along with our partners we are investing $500 million in minority projects this year,” A. Donahue comments.

A.Donahue’s advice for those looking to start their own business is to create a business that can expand with the assistance of technology as he has done with his own company.

“Plan to create a business that can scale rapidly with the aid of technology.  Then set up structures that allow you to prove the concept of your business without jeopardizing your personal credit and security of your family.  Use the business credit structure to take business risk so you can think more like an entrepreneur in your daily life,” A. Donahue advises.

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